The Turtle Weigh Down

Ok folks here is the low down on the weight loss this week.  I started this Sunday Oct. 6, 2019 and it has been a struggle.  After going to the supermarket and buying fruits & vegetables the first thing that happened was my husband was given two cases of donuts that were slightly damaged when they were loaded on his truck.  Really the only thing damaged was the box, so I now have a freezer with lots of donuts in it.  We gave some away, but they are nice to have available, if I can leave them alone.  So far so good on that front.  Mid week I received a very thoughtful gift of fudge as a token of appreciation for a few cards I gave to a friend of mine.  She sent me eight different kinds of delicious fudge!  Soo..  I carefully cut slivers of all the flavors just to taste.  Of course it was delicious!  I weighed the fudge and figured it into my eating plan and put the rest in the freezer for my husband who loves sweets.  I have actually enjoyed eating better when my tendency is to, do what I call scrounging around for something that takes no effort.  Friday came and I was beginning to wear down.  My commitment was beginning to waver and sure enough I gave in, just to be so mad at myself.  It was ice cream in the freezer, that I had left before I decided to challenge myself to a healthier life style, that did me in.  Then a tiny taste of fudge and my husband brought home the first egg nog of the season, so I had to have half of a small glass of that too.  Does anything have more calories than egg nog?  My trade off for the evening was I skipped my evening meal.  Maybe that would help!  Nevertheless I got on the scales this morning and I had lost 1.4 lbs.  Not as much as I had hope for, but it is better than being up that much.  So I am thankful to the good Lord that at least I lost something.  After praying and asking for His help again I am back on track today.  Only healthy food, in reasonable amounts to fit into a healthy lifestyle change for me.  No gimmicks, no special diet, just healthy calorie controlled foods to hopefully improve my over all well being.  Check back next week for an update!

2 thoughts on “The Turtle Weigh Down”

  1. YEAH!!! The turtle absolutely positively wins the weight loss race – cuz….he STAYS there when he gets to the finish line! Every day is a new day – just start over every morning!! So proud of you Clara – keep plugging!!! Cliche ahead: it is totally a MARATHON. Not a sprint. HUGS!


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