Weigh Down Day

Hi everyone,

Ok I am here to report in since it has been two weeks. I just didn’t do any posts last week because of my mothers passing. But the time comes to get back on track and live life moving forward. Well I thought I knew which direction I was supposed to go in, but I think I got a bit confused. Last week I lost .8 of a pound. Unfortunately I began to like the scenery and stepped back .6 pound this week. Grand total is 8.8 lbs. lost thus far, but I am not quitting. Since I am definitely an emotional eater, I suppose that really isn’t too bad. This hasn’t been a great two weeks for weight loss, however I haven’t lost much ground either. I am going to say less than a pound isn’t too bad all things considered.

Today I have been careful to track every bite and that is very important for me. One thing I notice is that because I weigh in the morning in my birthday suite, my weight fluctuates a pound or two all week. So I report how ever it falls on Saturday morning up or down. My phone and app is my friend in this endeavor and I hope to have a better report next week.

Remember you are always welcome to come along and make comments!


2 thoughts on “Weigh Down Day”

  1. Well done, Clara – it’s been a hard couple of weeks and you’re absolutely right to give yourself a little break. Not gaining back what you lost is AWESOME! You’ll get back on track easily enough. And you’re spot on with your weekly weight tracking. I didn’t even get on the scale except on my weigh-in days. Too easy to get discouraged (or falsely excited! 😉 ). Keep on keeping on! 🙂


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