Welcome! The Journey Continues….

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Hi Stampers,

At the lets say mature age of 65, (June 27th) I am starting a new adventure.  I have worn several hats over the years.  I became an RN then wife to a dairy farmer who wanted me to help him, so I did.  Not to long after that I became mama to a son followed by two more sons and a daughter. I have been bookkeeper for my husband, which was beneficial when we undertook developing a convenience store business.  When my husband could no longer dairy farm he decided to become a truck driver and guess who went with him?  We sold the convenience store business and both of us got CDL’s.  It was definitely an adventure as we traveled the country.  No time for sight-seeing except from the cab of a truck.  Eventually he started his one truck trucking company.   I had to come off the road because of health reasons.  By this time, I am grandma and now we have four grandsons and a granddaughter.   I have been baby sitting our youngest grandson and that is what has led me to stamping.  With a need to create I watched you tube videos and became hooked!

As we journey together I hope that you will find making cards as fulfilling as I have.  Creating cards is like finding the final piece of a puzzle that fits perfectly and completes the picture.  It is my perfect fit and I my hope is that it will be yours as well!

Looking forward to getting to know you too!


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