Weigh Down Update

Hello fellow strugglers,

I am a couple days late with the weigh in update, but I did do it on Saturday as usual.  This week I was down 1.6 lbs. for a total of 10.4 lbs.  For me every tenth counts.  I had started cutting back before I started keeping a close record and I guess the easy pounds came off at first.  From my high I lost about another ten pounds, but they came off so much easier than they have been since I started recording them.  I know I faltered a little at the family get together, but not too bad.  With Thanksgiving just ahead, I must keep my eye on the prize as my son would tell me!  It may be tenth by tenth, but I am going to stay with it this time.   I am so tired of carrying around an extra person all the time!

It is my hope that someone will read this and be encouraged to chip away those pounds to better health.  Maybe we can encourage one another!  After all the time is going to pass anyway!


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