Woven Threads Sympathy Card


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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my blog this week.   I hope your week has been good.  Mine has been busy as they usually are.  I got the results from my MRI and in the words of my doctor, he said I had a real mess in my back and I needed to see a spine specialist.  No surprise there!  So I guess I have got to decide where to go.  I hate doing that.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just tell who the good doctors are.  Since I went through nursing school in the 70’s I know not all doctors or nurses are the same!  Anyway I guess I will do my best and move forward.  In the meantime I made another set of cards.  Take a look at my YouTube thumbnail.  There is even a Christmas card tucked in there.  Hope this inspires you!  The good Lord willing I will be back again next week.  Until then, happy stamping!

ClaraThumbnail Oct 24 2019.jpg

4 thoughts on “Woven Threads Sympathy Card”

  1. Lovely card, Clara – and that inside sentiment is simply perfect. Good luck with your back – if you need to come to Atlanta (we’re kind of a big deal in the doctor-world), let me know!! 🙂


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