Plant A Dream Card

Hello out there!

Can you believe a week has passed?  I think the older I get the faster time passes.  Our daughter who is our fourth and last child just turned 35 a few days ago!  Nothing like that to make one, face the fact that like it or not the senior years are here!  Maybe the reason I like making cards so much is because I am able to do this, without aches and pains!  Young or old I have the crafting “bug” and at last I have enough time to pursue it.

Today it has been a challenge to get the video on You Tube.  Perseverance has finally paid off! For some unknown reason my Video Converter was refusing to work properly and I thought it was my fault.  I did have a need to do one little edit and nothing seemed to work.  Finally I started over and restarted my computer which fixed the problem.  Other than I wasted half a day trying to accomplish a task that should have only taken a few minutes no harm done.

Now let’s talk a little about this card for the week.Card July 26 2019

Printable pdf with supply list & instructions.

I do love these new colors  for 2019-2021.  The Purple Posy and Pretty Peacock are only two of the five, but I think they look so nice together.  By having the Stampin’ Blends I was able to bring all the colors together!  It is so nice to have markers and ink pads that match the card stock.  That is my favorite thing about Stampin’ UP products.

Who could resist this Garden Shed Stamp set?  Check out the video to see how I used the other stamps in the set.  If you don’t know, I try to use as many stamps as possible to give you ideas as to how they can be used.

If you don’t mind please let others in your life know about my website.  Word of mouth is a great way to find other like minded people who may enjoy this craft.  And remember, anytime I can answer a question just go to contact me, and I will do my best to get back to you promptly!

Happy Card Making!


4 thoughts on “Plant A Dream Card”

  1. Clara, I’m just finding your blog for some reason! Great job!
    Love the card and how you give specific directions. Pretty coloring.


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