Up and Running

Hello Stampers,
Grandma is a little slow but with the help of my sister I think we are up and running! The electronics have been challenging but I am learning more everyday how to bring videos to you, so you can see what lovely cards you can make. I never dreamed how excited people could get to receive an unexpected card and for it to be one that someone has taken the time to make! It lifts the spirits of the one sending the card as well as the one receiving it! I have been told that my cards have been put on mantles so they could be enjoyed. It is humbling to me that someone would do that. This has become my passion to send a snail mail card in the day of instant messages and the like. I think it says more than when it wasn’t so easy to send a message. I hope you will choose to get on board to brighten someones day. It is so rewarding!

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